Vegan Dessert Ideas

Posted @ Sep 30th 2015 9:56am - By Bronte

So, it's your friends birthday & you've left it last minute to organise a cake. Panic sets in as you realise that she is vegan so it might not be as easy as you originally thought. What even is a vegan cake?? Where will I get one from?? Is it something I would be able to make myself?!!

The good news is, a vegan cake just means it contains zero animal products; in this case it would be dairy & egg free.

The great news is, you can order one from us! *we just need a bit of notice!

The even better news is, they are super simple & lots of fun to make at home!

We thought we'd give you a head start & so we've provided a few links below to some amazing blogs with super delicious vegan cake recipes! Good luck & happy baking (or non-baking if it's raw!!!) >>>>

10 Raw Vegan Cake Recipes

Minimalist Baker: Simple Chocolate Cake

Simple Vanilla Cake

Toasted Coconut Cake

Black Forest Cherry Cake

Choc Banana Cake



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