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Our Family Friendly Philosophy

Posted at 17 August, 2016

Here at Mandala Organic Arts Caf we want to give all locals and visitors a chance to experience the culture of food and art that is close to our hearts, so we were thrilled to be recommended as the ideal restaurant on the Gold Coast for health-conscious f......

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Vegan Dessert Ideas

Posted at 30 September, 2015

So, it's your friends birthday you've left it last minute to organise a cake. Panic sets in as you realise that she is vegan so it might not be as easy as you originally thought.......

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An Exciting Start to the New Year

Posted at 18 March, 2015

A little reflection on the good times coming...

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Posted at 26 July, 2013

Help Us to get more reviews about our restaurant. :)...

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Rawvegan Encounter


Posted in EVENTS at 05 March, 2013


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Garden Workshop

Posted in GARDEN at 30 August, 2012

Inspiring workshop we did yesterday with a bunch of great kids! Included making recycled potato sacks turned into balcony food containers, inspirational talk and preparing healthy food! What a positive filled afternoon! Thanks everyone !...

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